Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pine cone

This pine cone has been lying around the house gathering dust for ages, so I thought it was time I drew it. I don't know what species of tree it came from.

Pine cones, like pineapples, sunflowers, corn on the cob, and countless other natural objects, show fibonacci spirals in their structure. Its tricky to get it right, and I had to resort to putting little coloured stickers on the scales so I could follow the spirals round without getting confused.


  1. Hi Ruth, would you mind if I used your pinecone sketch in a web design I'm working on? I would credit you!

  2. Hi Kyle, Could you send me a bit more info about how you will use the image? Thanks, Ruth

    1. No problem! Here is what the site looks like: Your pinecone is behind the title, as you can see. You would be credited on the Github page, which hosts the site's code:

      Thanks for the consideration!

    2. Hi Kyle, Yes go for it! Thanks for asking :-)

    3. Thanks a million. Your sketches are fantastic :)