Monday, 1 November 2010

Different greens

My first post!
I'm going to put some things from the past year up, and then add to it as I do some more.

Various leaves, all different shades of green.


  1. Hi Ruth,

    I'm a graphic designer based in Washington D.C. in the USA. I came across your beautiful botanical drawings online, and wondered if I might use this leaf illustration for a small personal project (not for profit) that I would like to post on my blog? I wanted to use them in a mockup of a dinner menu I used at a recent family dinner party, and display them on my blog to show the design process. I will happily give you attribution and link back to your blog! You can view my portoflio at: The blog isn't visible just yet, but I will happily show you a preview of the post before I push it live if you are interested and approve. Thank you, and I hope to see more of these beautiful botanical drawings soon.


  2. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for asking if you could use my image. Yes, please go ahead!
    Best wishes,